The following videos were created by BA Media and Communication students for the module COM154 that was taught by Assistant Professor Kelvin Ke Jinde.

Ding in the Teahouse

Laila Zhong (Leyla)

This video explores the story of Ding, a female owner who runs a teahouse, as well as her passion and love for tea culture.

laila zhong.jpglaila zhong 2.jpg

Download Ding in the tea house.mp4 [19.23MB]


Wenying Chen

Tattoo is a short video about a female tattoo artist who wants to share her love and passion for the art as well as to show another side to tattoo art.  

wenying chen 2.jpgwenying chen.jpg

Download Wenying Chen.mp4 [11.16MB]

Lin Lin; an interview with a Cheongsam Designer

Ruotong Jia

This is a short video about Lin Lin, a master cheongsam designer and shows her artistry and artisanship.

ruotong jia.pngruotong jia2.png


The Passionate Wood Carver

Xueer Yan

This is a short video about Qian Ruxiang, a master wood carver and artist from Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. It shows his philosophy and optimistic attitude towards his art and craft.  


Download 篆刻刀下有真情_3.mp4 [21.13MB]


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