The domain of paint

19 October 2022 

By Elena Manferdini 

Poster Elena.jpg

In contemporary architectural practice, color is sharpest tool in the box.

The lecture will make a case that color’s popularity—alongside both its associative possibilities and communicative properties —provides fertile ground for more heterogeneous connections with the public. This is a vital strategy for Atelier Manferdini production. Employing the full range of colour puts forth a mode of action that aids the democratization of visual cultures.

Space Oddity

1 March 2023

By Daniel Stathem

Daniel Lecture Series Poster 3.1.jpg

Daniel Statham graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and joined Foster and Partners in London for several years. Daniel is now appointed as China Chapter Committee Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and Distinguished Planning and Architecture Expert of Fengxian New City, Shanghai.

Imagine a world where beauty is soulful and sustainable

15 March 2023

By Valentina Porceddu 

Valentina Lecture Series Poster 3.15.jpg

The world of architecture is facing complex challenges that require a radical change of approach. Mario Cucinella Architects, an international studio based in Bologna and Milan, has been promoting for 30 years a design culture in which beauty can be a vehicle for sustainability, going beyond the concept of function and performance. Buildings must embody empathy with the context as well as efficiency. The lecture illustrates MCA's approach to environmental design by telling the story of some of its most meaningful projects. The closing part is dedicated to the R&D unit, the in-house department which supports the project teams by exploring the building sector trends, providing strategies and developing innovations to tackle climate change, decarbonisation, and social transformation challenges.

Adaptative reuse, new opportunities for old buildings

12 Apr 2023

By Còssima Cornadó

Cossima lecture poster.jpg

Adaptive reuse is presented as an opportunity to extend the useful life of buildings, often heritage, also to meet the changing needs of society. The lecture presents practical cases of change of use of existing buildings to new diverse uses, including housing, in Barcelona and its immediate surroundings. A review will be made of the possibilities and methodologies for the reprogramming of existing buildings for different types of activities and how they can be used as regeneration tools.


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