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Ready to TELL is an in-house e-magazine designed and developed by the faculty in the School of Languages at XJTLU. Although it has been standard practice for language teachers to incorporate educational technologies into the classroom for some time now, the disruptions caused by the pandemic have necessitated that much of language teaching and learning is delivered in an online or hybrid mode. Digital technologies have now become even more vital to course delivery and skills development in language education, and the adoption and effective use of technologies has to be an integral part of any student-centred language course.

The launch of this e-magazine thus marks the continued championing of educational technologies in teaching and learning in the School of Languages. The series of activities in the e-magazine are designed to support student success in blended and flipped language courses. Students have the opportunity to develop academic language skills through online collaborative learning that are facilitated by the application of varied digital technologies. This initiative also shows the commitment to innovative pedagogical design to provide instruction that is supportive and flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of student needs. Thanks to the excellent work done by the faculty in the School of Languages, the e-magazine will be an invaluable e-learning resource that can be of maximum potential usefulness for XJTLU students to develop their multilingual skills.




Prof. Zhoulin Ruan  

Associate Vice President of Education  
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University  

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Ready to TELL is a collection of ready-to-go class activities for Technology Enhanced Language Learning. This e-magazine serves as a platform for language teachers to share their technology-based teaching and learning practices. It is also a virtual community for teachers to discuss the best ways to utilize technology to facilitate language learning for our tech-savvy students.

All language teachers are welcome to contribute to Ready to TELL. These TELL activities can be as small as a 5-minute warmer or as big as a semester-long class project; they can be creative ways to use “old-fashioned” technology like PPT, or your pioneer exploration with state-of-the-art technology like VR/AR. These activities will be presented in a way that teachers can just grab and use without too much tweaking.  

If you are also excited about this project, please join us! To submit, use this template to document your activity and send to, subject: Activity submission_[activity name].

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