Log 项目过程记录

  • 2016.1.12
  • 第一次去现场了解情况: 到东亭社区的26幢和64幢进行实地考察,了解情况,确定不同楼道的设计主题(26幢为孝文化,64幢为文明楼道),以及要设计的具体墙面 The first time went to the site: visit # 26 and #64 buildings, understand the basic situation of the corridor wall, determine the different design theme, as well as to design the specific wall.


  •  2016.1.12-2017.2.5
  • 设计过程:查找相关资料, 和成功案例用来借鉴。共设计4个方案并拟一个大致的报价表 供涓滴社工挑选 Design process:Literature review, find more case studies. Finding solutions and designing proposal (four in total); Prepare a financial statement, Submit proposals;
  • 再次实地考察,与广告公司共同测量并确认设计墙体具体方案, 重新修改并确认最终方案 Second field visits, measure and confirm the specific design of the wall together with the advertising company, Revise and confirm the final plan


  • 2017.2.26
  • 到社区中进行动员大会,鼓励大家打扫楼道公共区域的卫生并把不用的堆放物丢掉。Mobilization meeting in the community, encourage them clean the public corridor area and throw those useless occupations away.


  • 2017.3.11
  • 粉刷楼道Whitewash corridor


  •  2017.3.13
  • 设计上墙Put the design on the wall


  • 2017. 6.11
  • 墙面设计未被破坏,黑板报使用率较高 Decoration doesn’t be destroyed and the blackboard is used frequently.

Production 作品展示

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.27.06 PM.png.1

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 11.34.23 AM.png.1



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2. WechatIMG130.png

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Group Members项目成员介绍

Chang Sun 孙畅   Jianqi Hao 郝建淇

Jing Zhang 张晶 Xiaotong Xiang 向小童 Yongbin Zhang 张勇彬

Literature Review

Literature Review

Poster 海报

东亭小区楼道改造项目 2.jpg

Feeling 成员感受

  • 通过此次社区项目中,我更加深刻的理解了公众参与。东亭社区中的公众参与主要处于操纵和治疗阶段,虽然在学术角度来看,这种低等级的公众参与并不好。但在实践当中,由于东亭社区居民普遍教育水平低,年龄大,理解能力差并且思想固化,所以在这种情况下,举办简单的活动,引导居民逐渐参与到社区建设中来要比直接赋予居民权利更为有效。Through this project, I had a deeper understanding of the citizen participation. The public participation in the Dong Ting community is mainly at the stage of manipulation and therapy. Although this low level of public participation is not good in academic terms, due to the low educational level of the residents and aging problem with poor ability to understand and curing thoughts in practice. Therefore, in this case, holding the simple activities to guide residents gradually participate in the construction of the community is more efficiently than giving the residents more power.


  • 本次活动让我切实体会到苏州本地回迁安置社区的生存现状,我们的改进计划虽然以改进楼道环境,营造文化氛围为主,但希望这种潜移默化的影响方式,能够真正提升居民素质,丰富居民业余生活,提高居民的社区归属感。This event makes me realize the conditions of Suzhou local resettlement community. Although our project focused on improving the environment of corridor and creating a cultural atmosphere, we hope this unconsciously influence way could really improve the quality of residents, enrich their amateur life and strengthen the residents’ sense of the community.


Overall video 总体视频

Download 东亭社区.mp4 [350.46MB]


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