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Seminar 2022-09-21 by Hao Liu

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29 September 2022, 3:53 PM

Speaker: Hao Liu (PhD student)
Date: 2022-09-21
Time: 1-2pm
Room: ES354

Greenhouse Gases Emission and Leaf Litter-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter Across the Soil-Water Interfaces

The soil-water interfaces are hotspots of biogeochemical cycling due to the associated sharp environmental gradients. Much evidences showed that the the speciation and concentration of redox-sensitive elements vary significantly as well as the structures of active microbial community over a depth of several centimeters across the soil-water interfaces. However, whether similar variation occurs for organic matters remains unknown. In this work, we would like to study how the location of leaf litter influences the greenhouse gas emission across the soil-water interfaces as well as the varying water. To achieve this, we made some efforts in developing an automated methodology and attempt to couple it with the Integrated Porewater Injection sampler.

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