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Created: 23 December 2021

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Dynamic trait-niche relationships shape niche partitioning across habitat transformation gradients

E Pagani-Núñez, D Liang, C He, Y Liu, X Luo, E Goodale

North American tree migration paced by climate in the West, lagging in the East

S Sharma, R Andrus, Y Bergeron, M Bogdziewicz, DC Bragg, D Brockway, ...

Serratia spp. Are Responsible for Nitrogen Fixation Fueled by As(III) Oxidation, a Novel Biogeochemical Process Identified in Mine Tailings

Y Li, L Guo, MM Häggblom, R Yang, M Li, X Sun, Z Chen, F Li, X Su, ...

Why do we need a wildlife consumption ban in China?

L Xiao, Z Lu, X Li, X Zhao, BV Li

Malnutrition: A Cause or a Consequence of Poverty?

ZF Ma, CW Wang, YY Lee

Aeolian sand transport influenced by tide and beachface morphology

Y He, J Liu, F Cai, B Li, H Qi, S Zhao

Religious affiliation and healthcare (non) utilization in China: a nationally representative study

SW Pan, Z Wang, W Wang, Z Dong

Biodiversity promotes ecosystem functioning despite environmental change

P Hong, B Schmid, F De Laender, N Eisenhauer, X Zhang, H Chen, ...

Corticosteroid treatment of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19)

L Zha, S Li, L Pan, B Tefsen, Y Li, N French, L Chen, G Yang, ...

Upward shift and elevational range contractions of subtropical mountain plants in response to climate change

K Zu, Z Wang, X Zhu, J Lenoir, N Shrestha, T Lyu, A Luo, Y Li, C Ji, ...

Humidity-Insensitive NO2 Sensors Based on SnO2/rGO Composites

Y Wang, L Liu, F Sun, T Li, T Zhang, S Qin
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