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Organic rice cultivation enhances the diversity of above-ground arthropods but not below-ground soil eukaryotes

S Gong, X Zhou, X Zhu, J Huo, M Faghihinia, B Li, Y Zou

Clarifying the effect of biodiversity on productivity in natural ecosystems with longitudinal data and new methods for causal inference

LE Dee, PJ Ferraro, C Severen, K Kimmel, ET Borer, J Byrnes, A Clark, ...

Testing for terrestrial and freshwater microalgae productivity under elevated CO2 conditions and nutrient limitation

A Kryvenda, R Tischner, B Steudel, C Griehl, R Armon, T Friedl

Upper respiratory tract microbiota is associated with small airway function and asthma severity

Y Li, C Zou, J Li, W Wang, Y Guo, L Zhao, C Jiang, P Zhao, X An

Mammalian predators and vegetated nesting habitat drive reduced protected area nesting success of Kentish plovers, Yellow Sea region, China

D Li, Y Bai, W Lei, P Que, Y Liu, E Pagani-Núñez, H Lloyd, Z Zhang

Food webs reveal coexistence mechanisms and community organization in carnivores

Q Lu, C Cheng, L Xiao, J Li, X Li, X Zhao, Z Lu, J Zhao, M Yao

pH dependence of arsenic speciation in paddy soils: The role of distinct methanotrophs

ZF Yuan, YJ Zhou, L Zou, Z Chen, W Gustave, D Duan, A Kappler, X Tang, ...

Strengthening the presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices in the Medical Journal of Australia

NJ Talley, E Zuccala, F Geronimo, T Janusic, EV Villanueva

When money meets tradition: How new cash incomes could be risky for a vulnerable ecosystem

L Xiao, X Zhao, S Mei, C Mishra, JS Alexander, B Weckworth, W Liu, L Li, ...

A review of the heterogeneous landscape of biodiversity databases: Opportunities and challenges for a synthesized biodiversity knowledge base

X Feng, BJ Enquist, DS Park, B Boyle, DD Breshears, RV Gallagher, ...

Heteronanostructural metal oxide-based gas microsensors

L Liu, Y Wang, Y Liu, S Wang, T Li, S Feng, S Qin, T Zhang

Supernatural beliefs, religious affiliations, and HIV testing among recently arrived Asian-born men who have sex with men in Australia

SW Pan, CK Fairley, EPF Chow, Y Zhang, W Tieosapjaroen, D Lee, ...
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