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Created: 23 December 2021

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Humidity-Insensitive NO2 Sensors Based on SnO2/rGO Composites

Y Wang, L Liu, F Sun, T Li, T Zhang, S Qin

Why are some hummingbird-pollinated plant clades so species-rich?

S Abrahamczyk, B Steudel

Heterogeneous epidemic modelling within an enclosed space and corresponding Bayesian estimation

C Wen, J Wei, ZF Ma, M He, S Zhao, J Ji, D He

Heavy metals in road-deposited sediment and runoff in urban and intercity expressways

S Gao, X Wang, H Li, Y Kong, J Chen, Z Chen

Global patterns of species richness of the holarctic alpine herb Saxifraga: the role of temperature and habitat heterogeneity

L Liu, X Xu, L Zhang, Y Li, N Shrestha, DM Neves, Q Wang, H Chang, ...

The pathway of impacts of aerosol direct effects on secondary inorganic aerosol formation

J Wang, J Xing, S Wang, R Mathur, J Wang, Y Zhang, C Liu, J Pleim, ...

Health Effects of Religion, Spirituality, and Supernatural Beliefs in Mainland China: A Systematic Review

SW Pan, Y Liang, S Wu, W Wang, X Hu, J Wang, W Huang

The costs and benefits of primary prevention of zoonotic pandemics

AS Bernstein, AW Ando, T Loch-Temzelides, MM Vale, BV Li, H Li, ...

Trade‐offs between economic development and biodiversity conservation on a tropical island

E Pagani‐Núñez, Y Xu, M Yan, J He, Z Jiang, H Jiang

Drivers of winter population cycles in the Varied Thrush Ixoreus naevius

WD Koenig, J Knops

Biodiversity and yield trade‐offs for organic farming

S Gong, JA Hodgson, T Tscharntke, Y Liu, W van der Werf, P Batáry, ...

Quantification and classification of grainflow morphology on natural dunes

P Zhang, D Sherman, J Pelletier, J Ellis, E Farrell, B Li
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