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Nutrient addition drives declines in grassland species richness primarily via enhanced species loss

A Muehleisen, A Carmen, G Shaw, A Madelon, B Lina, A Reed, ...

Trade‐offs between economic development and biodiversity conservation on a tropical island

E Pagani‐Núñez, Y Xu, M Yan, J He, Z Jiang, H Jiang

Response of the rice stem borer Chilo suppressalis (Walker) and its parasitoid assemblage to landscape composition

Y Zhu, J Chen, Y Zou, X Huang, T Jiang, KAG Wyckhuys, W van der Werf, ...

The pathway of impacts of aerosol direct effects on secondary inorganic aerosol formation

J Wang, J Xing, S Wang, R Mathur, J Wang, Y Zhang, C Liu, J Pleim, ...

Foredune height variations along the western coast of Taiwan Strait

Y He, F Cai, J Liu, H Qi, B Li, S Zhao, G Liu, X Chen

Testing for terrestrial microalgae productivity under elevated CO2 conditions and nutrient limitation

A Kryvenda, R Tischner, B Steudel, C Griehl, R Armon, T Friedl

Heteronanostructural metal oxide-based gas microsensors

L Liu, Y Wang, Y Liu, S Wang, T Li, S Feng, S Qin, T Zhang

Characterization of diazotrophic root endophytes in Chinese silvergrass (Miscanthus sinensis)

Y Li, R Yang, MM Häggblom, M Li, L Guo, B Li, M Kolton, Z Cao, ...

A review of the heterogeneous landscape of biodiversity databases: opportunities and challenges for a synthesized biodiversity knowledge base

X Feng, BJ Enquist, DS Park, B Boyle, DD Breshears, RV Gallagher, ...

Strengthening the presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices in the Medical Journal of Australia

NJ Talley, E Zuccala, F Geronimo, T Janusic, EV Villanueva

Preferences for Sexually Transmitted Infection and Cancer Vaccines in the United States and in China

AL Wagner, Y Lu, CB Janusz, SW Pan, B Glover, Z Wu, LA Prosser

When money meets tradition: How new cash incomes could be risky for a vulnerable ecosystem

L Xiao, X Zhao, S Mei, C Mishra, JS Alexander, B Weckworth, W Liu, L Li, ...
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