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Incorporating global change reveals extinction risk beyond the current Red List

S Peng, N Shrestha, Y Luo, Y Li, H Cai, H Qin, K Ma, Z Wang

Protecting China’s major urban bird diversity hotspots

L Li, M Yan, Y Hong, W Feng, D Xie, E Pagani-Núñez

The positive effect of plant diversity on soil carbon depends on climate

M Spohn, S Bagchi, LA Biederman, ET Borer, KA Bråthen, MN Bugalho, ...

Regional sets of diverse, specialized ground beetle and plant assemblages recolonise China’s restored temperate forest landscapes

JC Axmacher, W Sang, E Brennan, M Diekman, Y Liu, A Marples, H Shi, ...

Fast and High-Performance Self-Powered Photodetector Based on the ZnO/Metal–Organic Framework Heterojunction

Y Wang, L Liu, Y Shi, S Li, F Sun, Q Lu, Y Shen, S Feng, S Qin

Strengthening the presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices in the Medical Journal of Australia

NJ Talley, E Zuccala, F Geronimo, T Janusic, EV Villanueva

Testing for terrestrial and freshwater microalgae productivity under elevated CO2 conditions and nutrient limitation

A Kryvenda, R Tischner, B Steudel, C Griehl, R Armon, T Friedl

When money meets tradition: How new cash incomes could be risky for a vulnerable ecosystem

L Xiao, X Zhao, S Mei, C Mishra, JS Alexander, B Weckworth, W Liu, L Li, ...

Relating biodiversity with health disparities of human population: An ecological study across the United States

Y Chen, P Zhao, Q Xu, B Qu, D Li, S Clement, L Li

Effect of fence opening configurations on dune development

Q Ning, B Li, C Zhou, Y He, J Liu

Snow Leopard Network: 20 years of collaboration among practitioners

JS Alexander,Ö Johansson, L Xiao, M Chetri, P Lkhagvajav, ...
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