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Seminar 2022-10-19 by Shanxing Gong

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13 October 2022, 6:04 PM

Speaker: Shanxing Gong (PhD student)

Supervisor: Yi Zou

Date: 2022-10-19
Room: ES354

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Title: Can semi-natural habitat compensate effect of farmland consolidation on biodiversity?

 Abstract:Recently, farmland consolidation was widely applied in rural China. It is proved that farmland consolidation was harmful to pollinator diversity. However, the effects of farmland consolidation on natural enemies and pests are still unknown. Also, proportion of semi-natural habitat in a landscape has beneficial effect on biodiversity in farmland, but do its effects interact with farmland consolidation? Moreover, since arthropods in farmlands are strongly affected by pesticides, is effect of farmland consolidation also affected by pesticides? Here, we conducted a five years study, to investigate the effect farmland consolidation on natural enemies and arthropods, and interactions between farmland consolidation, proportion of semi-natural habitat and spraying pesticides.

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