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Seminar 2022-10-19 by Wenyao Shi

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13 October 2022, 6:09 PM

Speaker: Wenyao Shi (PhD student)

Supervisor: Linxi Yuan

Date: 2022-10-12
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 593-5627-4164

Title: Elemental Speciation Interaction between Se and Cd in Chinese Se plants(Cardamine Hupingshanesis) via IC-ICP-MS

 Abstract: Selenium, one of trace elements, is essential for humans and important for plants. Cadmium (Cd), a heavy metal contaminant, exists in humans and animals throughout life and closely associate with severe hepatotoxicity. Selenium (Se) has been recognized as an effective chemo-protectant of Cd, but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In order to figure out the elemental speciation between Se and Cd, a method using IC-ICP-MS to determine the speciation of Se and Cd would be established. A series of follow-up studies would be conducted to identify the role of Se played in Se-Cd soil-plant system with the help of Chinese Se plant (Cardamine Hupingshanesis).

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