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Seminar 2022-10-26 by Sha Zhang

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21 October 2022, 3:38 PM

Speaker: Sha Zhang (PhD student)

Supervisor: Zheng Chen

Date: 2022-10-26
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 593-5627-4164

Title: Extreme Temperature  Event on Rice System Sustainability and Climate-Smart Adaptation Strategies

 Abstract: The impact of climate change on agricultural production is not a future issue, but what we are experiencing every year. Temperature-related climate extremes are increasing in their intensity and frequency and has caused considerable yield reduction of food crops every year and are the realistic threats to global food security. However, we remain having a poor understanding of extreme heat events on other most features of ecosystem such as (1)  food safety in terms of toxic trace elements and beneficial elements and (2) elemental biogeochemistry in paddy system. Current fixed warming experiments in rice system do not indicate the role of natural heat extremes on their assessments. The most extreme (humid) heat is highly localized in both space and time and is correspondingly substantially underestimated in warming effect on rice system sustainability. We come to the question of whether or not temperature extreme events have a more significant impact on rice system than experimentally average warming effects. Here, we build outdoor climate-smart plant growth chambers to take advantages of natural sunlight and temperature and humid variations across a day and throughout crop seasons to investigate how current extreme temperature events affect rice yield, safety in terms of nutritional and toxic element quality, and CH4 and CO2 emission. Following the question above and beyond, in this project a climate-smart rice cropping system i.e., main crop-ratoon crop rice system was carefully evaluated.

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