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Seminar 2022-11-2 by Etienne E. Jaime Hinojosa

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31 October 2022, 8:31 AM

Speaker: Etienne E. Jaime Hinojosa (PhD student)

Date: 2022-11-2
Room: ES354

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Title: Effects of Creative Crowdsourcing on Sexual Health Behaviours among College Students in Eastern China.

Abstract: In China, surveys show a high number of young adults engaging in condomless sex leading to increasing rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  We conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial evaluating a crowdsourced health promotion intervention’s effects on sexual behaviours among college students in Eastern China. A generalized estimating equations (GEE) analysis was conducted for sexual activity (odds ratio (OR): 1.06) and condomless sex (OR: 1.71). The results were not statistically significant and suggest that participation in creative crowdsourcing health promotion campaigns may have minimal effects on promoting sexual behaviour change among college students. The results of this study can shape the development and implementation of future crowdsourced and text-messaging interventions in public health.

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