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Seminar 2022-11-9 by Yujia Cai

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07 November 2022, 8:39 AM

Speaker: Yujia Cai (PhD student)

Supervisor: Zheng Chen

Date: 2022-11-9
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 593-5627-4164

Title: Microbial community structure is stratified at the millimeter-scale across the soil-water interface

 Abstract: Soil-water interfaces (SWI) are biogeochemical hotspots characterized by millimeter-scale redox gradients, indicating that parallel changes are also present in microbial community structure and activity. However, soil-based analyses of microbial community structure typically examine bulk samples and seldom consider variation at a scale relevant to changes in environmental conditions. Here we presented a study that aimed to describe millimeter-scale variance in both microbial community structure and physicochemical properties in a lab flooded soil. At this fine-scale resolution, the stratification of biogeochemical properties (e.g. redox potential, nitrate) was consistent with the structure of the active microbial community with clear shifts in the relative abundance of transcriptionally active populations associated with changing redox conditions. Our results demonstrate that spatial scale should be carefully considered when investigating ecological mechanisms that influence soil microbial community structures.

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