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PhD Seminar 2022-12-7 by Yingyi Wang

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02 December 2022, 10:36 AM

Speaker: Yingyi Wang (PhD student)

Date: 2022-12-7
Room: ES354

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Title: The functional metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) heterojunction-based gas sensor

Abstract: Electrical conductive metal–organic frameworks (EC-MOFs) are emerging as an appealing class of highly tailorable electrically conducting materials with  potential applications in optoelectronics. Here, we in-situ grew nickel  hexahydroxytriphenylene (Ni-CAT) on the surface of ZnO nanorods (NRs). The  self-powered photodetectors (PDs) was fabricated with type-II heterojunction  formed at the interface of ZnO NRs and Ni-CAT. With this, the built-in electric  field (BEF) can effectively separate the photogenerated electron–hole pairs, and enhanced the photoresponse. We observe that by growing 3h the hybrid  ZnO/Ni-CAT (ZnO/Ni-CAT-3) based PDs show good photoreposne (137 μA/W) with fast rise (3 ms) and decay time (50 ms) under 450nm light illumination without biased voltage. This work provides a facile and controllable method for  the growth of ZnO/Ni-CAT heterojunction with effective BEF zone, which will  benefit their optoelectronic applications.

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