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☕ Friday Salon 2023-02-10

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10 February 2023, 9:22 AM

Speaker: Prof Uromi Goodale

Time: 3:00-3:30 pm

Location: ES 3F Common Room

Topic: Food and lifestyle from the pearl of the Indian ocean and tips for a low carbon footprint event


Please "bring your own cup and plate" (BYOCAP) for this Friday salon if you would like to try some of the Sri Lankan herbal teas and black teas and some traditional food items. I would like this to be a zero non-recyclable waste, zero recyclable waste and plastic free event. So, please prepare a reusable cup and plate. If I can manage to bring all the items needed for the making of "kokis" ( we will have a small demonstration. If not, we can just talk about the preparation and enjoy the kokis that I bring preprepared. In addition to the teas and SL food I will have some tropical fruit for us. 

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11 February 2023, 6:25 AM

Dear All,

I will make the Kokis another time. Sorry, that did not work out. Nevertheless, I had a great time and hope you all enjoyed our inaugural salon! Thanks again to Yu Ding, our superstar, that keeps us rolling!

Here are some articles about waste management and resources that can help gain further knowledge on planning and executing a zero waste event. 

What is zero waste? Zero Waste Definition - Zero Waste International Alliance (

The Issue:

1. Plastic waste makes our planet unsustainable: Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste in the U.S. and China

Published on Jan 24, 2023, by the Danish digital publishing startup Issuu, this document is edited by Jennifer L Turner of the Wilson Center in the US: Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste in the U.S. and China by - Issuu. This can be read online only. But I have attached a pdf below. 

2. Some are unsung heroes in the management of waste. Eg. China's informal waste sector. This is a discussion on China's informal waste sector:  It is a You Tube video.

3. XJTLU professor Shih-yang Kao at the Department of Urban Planning and Design co-authored a good read titled "CONTESTING ECO-URBANISM FROM BELOW: The Construction of ‘Zero-Waste Neighborhoods’ in
Chinese Cities" calling for more attention to the to the diversity, heterogeneity and contextual sensitivity of urban change at the grassroots level in the prevalence of zero-waste neighborhood experiments in many Chinese cities. Paper attached below. 

4. How degradable are the so-called "biodegradable" products? Biodegradable Products | STANFORD magazine

Solution Examples and Resources: 

Campus Recycling Policies and Resources:

1. Harvard University Office of Sustainability pdf on managing zero waste events:  Zero Waste ( and web link to explore more: Sustainable Meeting and Event Guide | Sustainability at Harvard

2. NC State waste reduction and recycling program: Home - Waste Reduction & Recycling (

3. Paper article about Beijing Forestry University student efforts on campus waste management: Education key to efforts in waste management -

I could not find a single English website for the sustainability office in Chinese Universities. If anyone knows such an example, please alert me. 



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17 February 2023, 10:40 AM

Thanks a lot Uromi!

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