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PhD Seminar 2023-3-1 by Bokun Sun

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24 February 2023, 4:15 PM

Speaker: Bokun Sun (PhD student)

Date: 2023-3-1
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 307-1339-4734

Title: Modeling PM1 Dry Deposition to plants

Abstract: Particulate matter (PM) pollution is a major air pollutant that can significantly increase the incidence and mortality of various diseases. Plants can reduce atmospheric particulate matter through various methods such as retaining particles on the surface of branches and leaves, reducing wind speed to promote PM deposition and discourage resuspension. Exploring the ability of urban plants to control particulate air pollution and the influence of plant structure on this ability is of great significance to ensuring public health and safety. Traditional models consider the plant as an entirety, and their empirical parameters cannot adapt to plants with different canopy structures and leaf densities, which is difficult to explain their diverse deposition efficiency. Here, I propose a new model that separates plants into several layers and build two-dimensional porosity distribution matrix by image processing. The model is calibrated using wind tunnel experiment data. This model can be used to evaluate the effect of plant canopy traits and density distribution on PM1 dry deposition velocity.


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