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PhD Seminar 2023-3-15 by Hao Liu

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13 March 2023, 1:37 PM

Speaker: Hao Liu (PhD student)

Date: 2023-3-15
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 307-1339-4734

Title: A Millimeter Scale Pertubation to Leaf Litter Changes Methane Emission Across the Soil-Water Interfaces


Wetlands and rice paddies contribute to roughly one-third of total methane emission. And, the submerged sediments and soils are major reservoirs of organic matters. Therefore, investigating the transformation of organic matters in such environments is relevant to our understanding on global carbon cycle. In this work, we built soil-water interfaces as mesoscale model for studying how the leaf litter primes the greenhouse gas emission in the submerged environments. It was found that a ten-millimeter pertubation to the leaf litter at the soil-water interfaces significantly enhances the methane emission. The depth profiles of the (physico)chemical properties showed that the a small difference in depth is critical to the transformation of leaf litter. The sharp environmental gradient across the soil-water interfaces triggers different biogeochemical processes. Also, the supply of electron donors and transport of dissolved organic matters is sensitive to the location of leaf litter.

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