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PhD Seminar 2023-3-15 by Wenyao Shi

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13 March 2023, 1:39 PM

Speaker: Wenyao Shi (PhD student)

Date: 2023-3-15
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 307-1339-4734

Title: Investigation on the Roles of Lignin in Se-Cd Hyperaccumulation in Chinese Se Plants and Se Speciation


In areas with natural Se-rich soil, excess Cd is often present. Therefore, it is important to study the interaction between Se and Cd. Se speciation analysis can aid in our understanding of this interaction, and we have established a method to isolate and determine five forms of selenium via IC-ICP-MS.
Previous research has shown that flavonoid, glutathione, and lignin biosynthetic pathways may play significant roles in Se hyperaccumulation. Additionally, Nano-Se can enhance the number of lignin-related genes, which helps maintain the integrity of cell walls under Cd stress. Thus, we have designed an experiment to investigate the roles of lignin in Se-Cd hyperaccumulation.

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