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PhD Seminar 2023-3-22 by Hanyue Zheng

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20 March 2023, 10:31 AM

Speaker: Hanyue Zheng (PhD candidate)

Date: 2023-3-22
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 307-1339-4734

Title: Impact of bio-fertilizers application on greenhouse gas emissions in rice paddy fields


Overusing chemical fertilizers has recently exacerbated farmland carbon loss and seriously harmed farmland ecosystems. As an alternative to inorganic chemical fertilizers, bio-fertilizers play a crucial role in enhancing soil's physical and chemical characteristics, organic matter content, and microbial communities. However, little is known about how bio-fertilizers affect greenhouse gas emissions from farmland ecosystems to the atmosphere. This project aims to assess how bio-fertilizers affect the major greenhouse gas fluxes of farmland ecosystems on a regional and global scale, and how long-term application of bio-fertilizers will affect greenhouse gas emissions in the future. This knowledge will be key to mitigating the role food production plays in driving climatic warming. 

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