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PhD Seminar 2023-3-29 by Etienne Jaime Hinojosa

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26 March 2023, 10:47 AM

Speaker: Etienne Jaime Hinojosa (PhD student)

Date: 2023-3-29
Room: ES354

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Meeting ID: 622-253-182

Title: Effects of Active Creative Crowdsourcing Engagement on Sexual and Mental Health Outcomes: An Empty Review


Creative Crowdsourcing has been beneficial to finding solutions to health issues and improving public health interventions by working, building ownership, and strengthening relations with communities. Active Creative Crowdsourcing involves active participation and creation by participants of a proposed task or product. This systematic review aims to evaluate the effects of Active Creative Crowdsourcing Engagement (ACCE) on interventions preventing STI/HIV, depression, and anxiety. We searched for Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) studies that evaluated interventions with ACCE on sexual and mental health outcomes.  A full-text review of 120 articles was performed of which 24 included crowdsourcing methodologies in their interventions. Four studies made use of ACCE, but ACCE was not or only partially measure, thus not meeting the inclusion criteria. With the rising popularity of crowdsourcing methodologies and accessibility to technology, the results of this review were unexpected and suggest a gap in the literature.

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