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HES seminar 2023-04-12 by invited speakers Professor Pingyang Zhu and Professor Gang Yao

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07 April 2023, 4:29 PM

Date: April 12, 2023


Room: ES354

Online meeting (Tencent meeting room): 368-237-660

Online Link:


Title: Conservation biological control in paddy ecosystems by management of local plants

Speaker: Professor Pingyang Zhu (朱平阳)

Brief Bio: Professor Pingyang Zhu works at the College of Life Sciences of Zhejiang Normal University. He is a distinguished professor of the "Shuanglong Scholar" program. He obtained the Ph.D. in Charles Sturt University in Australia. His main research focuses on the biological pest control control technologies for rice diseases and pests. He has undertaken and completed more than 10 international cooperation projects, as well as national and provincial projects in Jinhua for experimental research and technical verification.


Title: The introduction in the taxonomy and biological characteristics of bombyliidae in China

Speaker:  Professor Gang Yao (姚刚)

Brief Bio:  Professor Gang Yao is the director of Horticulture Technology, College of Agriculture, Jinhua Polytechnic. He is the member of Academic Committee of Jinhua Polytechnic. He published more than 40 academic papers, including 3 new record subfamilies and 71 new species of Bombyliidae (Diptera) in China. He has lead 13 scientific research projects. He has won one first prize of Zhejiang Forestry Science and Technology Award, the honorary title of "the Second Forestry Science and Technology Model of Zhejiang Province" and "the 15th Jinhua Youth Science and Technology Award".



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