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Agricultural diversification and its application and effect in rice production. Xueqing He, 2024-04-10

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08 April 2024, 2:47 PM

Speaker: Dr. Xueqing He

Title: Agricultural diversification and its application and effect in rice production


Date: 2024-04-10

Time: 13:30-14:30 

Room: ES354


Tencent Meeting ID: 742-1426-3711



Agricultural diversification is being proposed as a solution for intensified agriculture to achieve both food security and agricultural sustainability by enhancing functional diversify at the field and landscape scale. Rice is one of the major staple food in the world, and it plays a decisive role in ensuring national food security. It’s suggested that high biodiversity in rice systems could promote ecosystem services, thereby reducing dependency on agronomic inputs while maintaining high yields. Policy has a good promotion effect on the extension of specific agricultural measures. In this seminar, I will share the application and effect of agricultural diversification in rice production, and how to integrate agricultural diversification in China's major policies for sustainable crop production.



Look forward to seeing you!



Liwen Wu

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