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I am a microbial ecologist studying microbial food web ecology and community assembly. I obtained my PhD at Technical University of Munich in Germany and did my postdoctoral research at Westlake University before I joined the Department of Health and Environmental Sciences (HES), XJTLU.

My research focuses on microbial interactions in natural (e.g., soil) and engineered (e.g., wastewater treatment systems) communities with particular interest in microbial predation. Meta-omic approaches are mainly employed in my research, combined with stable isotope labelling, to investigate the diversity, function, and metabolic features of predatory bacteria, with the ultimate aim to exploit predatory bacteria as biocontrol agents against pathogens and to regulate microbiome, towards sustainable environmental and human health. My other research interests include how microorganisms respond to environmental disturbance, e.g., nutrient inputs and contamination, and biodegradation of emerging pollutants.

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