About Us

We study soils, especially a tiny layer of soil under water or around plant roots.

We expect the knowledge from our studies could be applied to provide soil-based solutions for better environments and sustainable methods to remediate polluted soils.

If you are interested in our research, please feel free to contact me by email.


Selected Publications

2022 微界面分层采样发现微生物在土壤中的活跃微区

Cai, Y.-J., Liu, Z.-A., Zhang, S., Liu, H., Nicol, G. W., and Chen, Z. (2022) Microbial community structure is stratified at the millimeter-scale across the soil–water interface, ISME Communications 2, 53.

2022 可持续移除稻田砷的新方法

Yuan, Z. F., Pu, T. Y., Jin, C. Y., Feng, W. J., Wang, J. Y., Gustave, W., Bridge, J., Cheng, Y. L., Tang, X. J., Zhu, Y. G., and Chen, Z. (2022) Sustainable removal of soil arsenic by naturally-formed iron oxides on plastic tubes, Journal of hazardous materials 439, 129626.

2022 水稻根际的元素动态空间变化

Yuan, Z.-F., Gustave, W., Ata-Ul-Karim, S. T., Bridge, J., Sekar, R., Liu, F., and Chen, Z. (2022) Distinct and dynamic distributions of multiple elements and their species in the rice rhizosphere, Plant and Soil 471, 47-60.

2019 孔隙水原位反复采样器(IPI)的首次报道

Yuan, Z.-F., Gustave, W., Bridge, J., Liang, Y., Sekar, R., Boyle, J., Jin, C.-Y., Pu, T.-Y., Ren, Y.-X., and Chen, Z. (2019) Tracing the Dynamic Changes of Element Profiles by Novel Soil Porewater Samplers with Ultralow Disturbance to Soil–Water Interface, Environmental Science & Technology 53, 5124-5132.

2019 土壤有机质含量是决定微生物燃料电池控制砷铁等元素迁移的关键

Gustave, W., Yuan, Z.-F., Sekar, R., Ren, Y.-X., Liu, J.-Y., Zhang, J., and Chen, Z. (2019) Soil organic matter amount determines the behavior of iron and arsenic in paddy soil with microbial fuel cells, Chemosphere 237, 124459.

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Group Members


     Liang Li, Liang.Li@xjtlu.edu.cn

PhD students:

     Sha Zhang, Sha.Zhang19@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

     Yujia Cai,  Yujia.Cai2002@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

     Hao Liu, Hao.Liu2002@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

     Ziyan Liu, Ziyan.Liu15@student.xjtlu.edu.cn

Research Assistant

     Yaqin Wang, wangyaqin2020@yeah.net

     Xiao Shu, shu842925563@163.com 

Master students

FYP UG students


      Williams Gustave, Assistant Professor at the University of the Bahamas

      Zhaofeng Yuan, Postdoc at Zhejiang University

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