The aim of community service is to solve problems among residents. Undergraduates should learn how to be a real citizen through the community service and strength the relationship between university and society. In this project, we hope we can improve the communication among migrant seniors and help them find sense of belonging through series of activities.


We hope we can reduce the aloneness of migrant seniors due to lack of friends and comfort. During this process, we will use video and words to record, hoping to provide some experience for the following events. We believe these projects can raise awareness of the existence of migrant seniors both for their family and the whole society. Moreover, as participants, we students will learn to be a real citizen. We can combine the theoretical and practical skills to contribute to the development of community service.  





Work Plan 项目策划


Migrant seniors refer to the old who leave their hometown and come to help their children in big city. This group always feels lonely due to lack of friends and partners. To help migrant seniors engage in the community, firstly, we will read some materials and conduct a survey related to their hobbies. Secondly, we will make plans like setting up interest and study groups with survey results. At the same time, we will record the process with video and word to help reflect periodically, hoping to reach the expectations.  

Group Members


Members' Feelings

Personally, I quite enjoy joining in this project. I meet my excellent teammates. Moreover, I feel that I did something meaningful. I really want to contribute something to the society, as a student. Although I think I could have done more in this project, I will continue to engage in the following activities. Thanks for XJTLU providing such a great platform! :)   



According to this project, the residents can be familiar with others and pay more attention to join the activities. At the same time there are many activities which are interesting and useful, so residents are willing to attend.

Although many participants become more comfortable with the new environment, some migrant seniors who indeed need help are still difficult to join us. When teaching Suzhou dialect, elders are easy to forget. So we can provide some booklets to help them.

There will be more people joining us. The social work will become an important part in urban planning and design.  



Reflection & Suggestion 反思与建议

1. 增加参与人数


1. Increase  the participants

Because it is the first time to conduct this project in Hejiata community, we could not recruit many participants. If we have the foundation now, we could involve more senior migrants into this project so that more people can make new friends in the new environment.

2. 更加完善的活动策划


2. Better activity plan

We cannot think of many new activities for the participants this time. For one thing, the preparation time is limited. For another, we do not quite know the participants. Many senior migrants suggest that we could organize some outside activities because they also want to hang out with their new friends. Also, they do not mind paying for the expenses by themselves. I think outside activity is something new that we could have a try. But it should be considerate.

Process Display 过程展示