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Staff seminar – Tang’s talk on "Sustainable to Be(e)"

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16 March 2023, 9:28 AM

Speaker: Min Tang

Date: 2023-03-21

Time: 11:00-12am

Room: ES125


Fast increased biodiversity loss necessitates efficient monitoring and conservation for sustainability. Taking advantage of high-throughput sequencing, accurate biodiversity survey can be achieved via cost- and labor-effective genome-skimming, and can help pinpoint the environment effects. Pollinators especially bees face pressing environment issues such as intensive farming and declined plant diversity, while they sustain flowering plants and ecosystem. Besides diet analysis, gut microbiome community and function could also be reliable indicators of the environmental change and effect. With significant contribution in host adaptation, gut symbionts give an insight into the biological adaptation of bees to challenging environments. Combining diet analysis, multiomics and bacterium transplantation, the gut symbionts have been revealed to coevolved with honeybees in enhanced energy storage, which may improve host adaptation to a temperate climate.

We will keep onsite seminar and provide online choice via Tencent (ID: 979-2894-8794).


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