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Staff seminar – Liang's talk on "carbon biogeochemical cycle"

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30 March 2023, 10:55 PM

Speaker: Liang Li

Date: 2023-04-04

Time: 11:10-12am

Room: ES354

Title: Mineral-Mediated Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon in Closed Microbial Ecosystems


The net balance of soil carbon accrual versus loss is central to future climate predictions. Soil minerals are vital determinants of carbon accrual. It is important to clarify their relative effects on soil organic carbon preservation and decomposition, as well as the regulatory mechanism of the carbon biogeochemical cycle in the soil environment.

In this talk, Dr. Li will first share his previous research work on systematically evaluating the factors affecting the adsorptive interactions between representative clay minerals, montmorillonite, and nitroaromatics, and elucidate the mechanism dominating the sorption. Then, Dr. Li will introduce one of his postdoctoral projects focusing on the biogeochemical cycling of carbon in closed microbial ecosystems. The project aims to explore the mechanism of organic carbon preservation and decomposition, reveal the characteristics of the carbon biogeochemical cycle in the soil environment, and provide new insights for further understanding of the stability of the soil carbon pool.

We will keep onsite seminar and provide online choice via Tencent (ID: 979-2894-8794).

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