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Student seminar: Dynamic processes of Fe-bound organic carbon formation at soil-water interface, Xiao Shu, 2024-03-21

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18 March 2024, 10:54 AM

Speaker: Xiao Shu


Date: 2024-03-21

Time: 13:30-14:00 

Room: ES354


Online link:

Meeting ID: 668-4466-7997


Title: Dynamic processes of Fe-bound organic carbon formation at soil-water interface


Wetlands are major reservoirs of organic matter (OM) storing approximately one-third of soil carbon (ca. 600 Gt) globally. Since 1990, emerging studies have found that metal- or mineral-associated organic carbon (MAOC) constitutes 8–55% of soil organic carbon (SOC) in wetlands, and reactive minerals exert a strong influence on SOC stability. Fe, as an abundant and highly reactive element in soil, plays a dominant role in the formation of MAOC. A redox transition region exists at the soil-water interface of flooded soils and will be a hot zone for the formation of Fe-bound organic matter. Changes in Fe-bound organic matter under redox fluctuations have received extensive attention. However, the formation and dynamic process of Fe-bound organic matter in the redox region of the soil-water interface at (mm)-scale spatial resolution are still less studied. Different from redox fluctuations, the role of microorganisms in the soil during prolonged inundation will become non-negligible. Microorganisms significantly contribute to the persistent SOC pool through iterative processes of cell generation, population growth, death, decay, and necromass formation. The current results and future experiment plan will be reported during this seminar.


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