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Student seminar: Effect of seed traits on orchid seed dispersal, Siqi Liu, 2024-04-25

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19 April 2024, 1:31 PM

Speaker: Siqi Liu


Date: 2024-04-25

Time: 13:30-14:00 

Room: ES354


Online link:

Meeting ID: 668-4466-7997


Title: Effect of seed traits on orchid seed dispersal


Orchids indicate species from the family Orchidaceae, which is composed of more than 30,000 species. While orchids are endemic species in various habitats, they are widely distributed in all the continents except the Antarctic. Besides, orchids have a wide variety of divergences stemming from wide distribution, life form, morphology, physiology, pollination strategies, etc. However, interactions with mycorrhizal fungi, specialized pollinators, and host trees, make many orchid species particularly vulnerable to the pressure of the biodiversity crisis. With orchids declining due to threats such as habitat loss, climate change, and illegal collecting, orchids in many countries are calling for conservation. Among all the orchid conservation research, there is a limitation in the study of seed dispersal in the orchid genus Liparis. The present study will focus on the effect of seed traits on Liparis seed dispersal.

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