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Student seminar: Semi-Perennial Rice can Compensate for Losses in Rice Production under Heatwaves, Sha Zhang, 2024-05-02

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30 April 2024, 11:09 AM

Speaker: Sha Zhang


Date: 2024-05-02

Time: 13:00-13:30 

Room: ES354


Online link:

Meeting ID: 668-4466-7997


Title: Semi-Perennial Rice can Compensate for Losses in Rice Production under Heatwaves


Recent heatwaves can cause abrupt productivity changes of crop system, but little is known about the resilience of food crop system. Semi-perennial rice has shown the ratooning potential to adapt such extreme conditions. Here, in our two-year study manipulating natural heatwaves, we found that heatwaves promoted the ratooning adaptability in rice. This resulted in tradeoffs between heat-induced losses and ratoon-yielded gains in cooler seasons. Despite substantial crop failure (69% - 100%) under heatwaves, the subsequent ratoon yields offer up to 100% compensation, and produces healthier food with ~50% lower arsenic burdens. Quality changes induced by heatwaves and adaptive ratooning, are causally linked to rice productivity, soil contamination levels and temperatures in nonlinear manners. We further gathered a unique paired main-ratoon yield dataset (n=11300) worldwide and estimated that widespread ratoon practice can increase yields by 6.5× 107 Mg per year and reduce the exposure inorganic arsenic by 4.9 (± 1 standard deviation, 0.7) × 102 Mg inorganic arsenic per year in China. Together, these findings underscore the overlooked adaption potential of semi-perennial rice to climate extremes.

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