Theme and Introduction

The "AI + Metaverse + Digital Game-Based Learning" sub-forum will take you into the fantastic world of future education. Here, you will witness how artificial intelligence perfectly integrates with the metaverse to create an immersive digital game-based learning environment. The teacher exhibition area will showcase the latest AI teaching tools that allow students to easily master knowledge through games; the student exhibition area will demonstrate students' creativity and talent in digital game-based learning; and the corporate exhibition area will bring cutting-edge technological solutions to support the transformation and upgrading of the education industry. In addition, the roundtable discussion will invite industry experts to explore the directions and challenges of educational change. This is not only a feast of knowledge but also a collision of ideas and inspiration.

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Speed Dating Presentations


Roundtable Discussion


Event Time and Location

Event Time: May 17th, 2024 (Friday), 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: 12th Floor, IR building, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University SIP south campus


  • Organizer: Xi 'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)
  • Organizer: Institute of Leadership and Education, XJTLU (XJTLU ILEAD) 
  • Supported by: Beijing Office of Tongji Charity Association of Macau, Sustainable Development Alliance of University Teacher Development Center 
  • Co-organizers: XJTLU AoFE DGBL SIG, Research Centre for AI and Education, Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Society, XIMMERSE (Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co., LTD.)
  • Student Organizer: Yubin Guo, Guang Yang, Liangjie Fan

  • Teacher Organizer: Dr Na Li, Dr Qian Wang, Dr Juliana Tay

Event Agenda

1. 14:00-14:05 Opening Remarks

  • Hosts: Dr Na Li, Dr Qian Wang, Dr Juliana Tay
  • Introduction to the background and purpose of the sub-forum

2. 14:05-15:00 Interactive Sharing Activities in a Speed Dating Format

  • During the Speed dating session (14:00-15:00), you will have close interaction with educators, industry experts and students from different countries. They will present in English, bilingual or Chinese to meet the diverse needs of the attendees.
    • Participation Method: Prior to 2 PM, student volunteers will guide participants to visit the podium at each exhibition table. Participants may then choose a table to stay in front of. Each "speed date" lasts about 20 minutes, during which speakers will present their research, products, or teaching practices to the participants. The speakers remain at their tables while the participants rotate. We are planning for three rounds, but the exact arrangements may be adjusted based on the on-site situation. After the roundtable discussion, participants and speakers are welcome to stay and continue exchanging ideas.

3. 15:00-16:00 Roundtable Discussion and Interactive Q&A

  • Invite representatives from each exhibition area and education experts to participate.
  • Conduct an in-depth discussion on the current development status and future impacts of "AI + Metaverse + Digital Game-Based Learning" on education.
  • Open up a question-and-answer session for audiences to increase interactivity and participation.






  • 时间:2024年5月17日(周五),下午2:00-4:00
  • 地点:西交利物浦大学苏州工业园区校园南校区国际科研楼IR12楼


  • 主办单位:西交利物浦大学        
  • 承办单位:西交利物浦大学领导与教育前沿院(西浦ILEAD)
  • 支持单位:澳门同济慈善会北京办事处、高校教师发展中心可持续发展联盟
  • 协办单位:西浦未来教育学院数字游戏化学习特别研究组、西浦未来教育学院人工智能与教育研究中心、苏州人工智能学会、燧光(广东虚拟现实科技有限公司)
  • 学生组织者:郭毓斌,杨光,范靓杰。
  • 教师组织者:李娜博士,王千博士,Juliana Tay博士。


1. 14:00-14:10 开幕致辞

  • 主持人:李娜博士、王千博士、Juliana博士
  • 简介分论坛背景与目的

2. 14:10-15:00 闪电约会形式的近距离互动交流分享活动

  • 在闪电约会环节(14:00-15:00),您将近距离与来自不同国家的教育工作者、行业专家和学生进行深入交流与沟通。他们将用英语、双语或中文进行演讲,以满足与会者的多样化需求。

  • 参与方式:2点正式开始前参与者由专人引导,依次参观各展区演讲台,并选择在某展台前停留。每20分钟进行一轮“约会”,即演讲者向参与者展示研究、产品或教学实践等。参与者流动,演讲者不动。计划三轮,具体安排视现场情况调整。圆桌讨论后,可自行选择留下继续交流。

3. 15:00-16:00 圆桌讨论与互动问答

  • 邀请各展区代表及教育领域专家共同参与。
  • 围绕“AI+元宇宙+数字游戏化学习”的发展现状和对未来教育的影响进行深入讨论。
  • 开放观众提问环节。


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