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Seminar 2022-09-13 by Binbin Li

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29 September 2022, 3:11 PM

Speaker: Binbin Li

Date: 2022-09-13
Time: 11-12am
Room: ES123

Title: Synergy between biodiversity conservation and human welfare

Although biodiversity conservation and development are often regarded as having a trade-off relationship, there are areas with co-benefits, where conservation through expanding protection and reducing deforestation can not only benefit biodiversity but also reduce environmental risks to human society including natural disaster risks and health risks. The high overlap between biodiversity with natural disasters and high spill-over risks of zoonosis diseases demonstrate that a more sustainable path for development is to protect the natural habitats and restore such areas. In this talk, Dr. Binbin Li will introduce her interdisciplinary work on how to tackle conservation problems such as livestock grazing in forest ecosystems through conservation planning, long-term monitoring, socio-economic experiments and identifying synergy between different national and international goals.

Dr. Binbin Li is the Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences of the Environmental Research Center at Duke Kunshan University. She holds a secondary appointment as Assistant Professor with Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. She is the IUCN Species Survival Commission expert, associate editor of Frontiers of Ecology and Evolution, and serves on the editorial board of Conservation Biology, Global Ecology and Conservation and Biodiversity Science. Her research focuses on identifying pathways and synergy between biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Her research topics include priority setting and management of protected areas, how human disturbances and climate change influence endangered and endemic species such as giant pandas and vertebrate community composition, sustainable infrastructure building in Belt and Road Initiative and incorporation of biodiversity into One Health framework. She promotes to use innovative technology, market tools and policies to solve conservation problems and assist sustainable local development.

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