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  • 2023, Teaching Innovation Award, School of Science, XJTLU (link)


Online Tools

  • Meteorobot. Display or process meteorological data.
  • EddyPoster. Eddy covariance data post-processor.
  • Rchive. A Shiny app for displaying the public discussion list on COS, R development, and R help.
  • Steemg. Display the contests on steem (deactivated).
  • Steemr. Display the posts and users on steem (deactivated).

Unpublished Books

  • Zhao, P.. 2019. 100 Q & A in R (fulltext).
  • Zhao, P.. 2017. R bookdownplus Textbook. A guide to the R ‘bookdownplus’ package (fulltext).
  • Law, F. (author); Zhao, P. (translator). 2019. I’m Going to Be a Meteorologist.
  • Zhao, P.. 2019. Tidyverse vs. Non-TidyVerse (fulltext).
  • Zhao, P.. 2017. R bookdownplus Textbook (fulltext).
  • ZHao, P.. 2017. Papa’s Three Laws (fulltext)

Software development


  • rarestR (docsCRANGitHub): Rarefaction-based species richness estimator for community ecologists. rarestR
  • wibsr (docs): Processing raw data from Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensors (WIBS-NEO).
  • et (docs): A kinetic model for evaluating the gradient method for surface-atmosphere flux measurement of reactive gases.
  • ncovr (docsGitHub): Downloading and analyzing COVID-19 pandemic data.
  • eddyr (docs): Post-processing eddy covariance data.
  • advr (docsGitHub): Functions I use for processing advection flux data.
  • mf (docsGitHub): Functions I often use in micrometeorology and other work.
  • GaFiR (docs): A user-friendly open-source package for filling data gaps in turbulent flux observations of evapotranspiration and carbon dioxide.
  • MSEF (docs): A new multi-step error filter in addition to the quality checks implemented in the TK3 software or any other eddy-covariance software package.
  • OutlierFlag (docsBitBucket): A standalone desktop program as well as a toolbox application in MeteoInfoLab for outlier checks in scientific datasets. Written in Java.


  • rosr (docsCRANGitHub): Creating a project for open science and reproducible research.rosr
  • biber (docs): A tool for bibliometrics.


  • MSG (Xie, Y.; Zhao, P.. CRAN, GitHub): An R package for the book Modern Statistical Graphs.MSG
  • xjtlu (docsGitHub): An R package for Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.
  • rchive (GitHub): An R package for displaying the public discussion list on COS, R development and R help.
  • sinx (docsCRANGitHub): R fortunes in Chinese.sinx
  • blogdownplus (docs): Assistant for building blogdown sites.
  • rmd (docsCRANGitHub): Easily installs and loads the R Markdown family.rmd
  • steemr (docsCRANGitHub): Process Steem data.steemr
  • beginr (docsCRANGitHub): Functions for R Beginners. Software Copyright of 2023SR1009230. beginr
  • bookdownplus (docsCRANGitHub): Generate Varied Types of Books and Documents with R ‘bookdown’ Package.bookdownplus
  • mindr (docsCRANGitHub): Convert Files Between Markdown or Rmarkdown Files and Mindmaps.mindr
  • pinyin (docsCRANGitHub): Convert Chinese Characters into Pinyin.pinyin



  • 2023, 西交利物浦大学理学院教学创新奖 (链接)



  • Meteorobot:处理气象数据和作图。
  • EddyPoster:处理微气象学通量数据。
  • Rchive:展示统计之都论坛和 R 邮件列表及统计数据。
  • Steemg(停用):展示和统计 steem 上的活动。
  • Steemr(停用):展示和统计 steem 上的帖子和用户信息。


  • 我要当个气象学家。Felicia Law (著), 赵鹏(译)。科学猫头鹰出版社,北京,出版未遂。面向中小学生和家长的科普读物。
  • Steem 基础与开发指南。赵鹏(主编)。2018。(在线阅读)
  • 群英谱。范晓太,赵鹏。2017。中学生活文集。(在线阅读)
  • TNT 擂台赛。赵鹏(编)。2019。用 Base R 和 Tidyverse 两种方案来解决数据处理、作图等方面的问题。(在线阅读
  • 现代统计图形之极乐净土。谢益辉,黄湘云,赵鹏,张列弛。2019。(在线阅读
  • 学 R 一百问。赵鹏(编)。2019。(在线阅读
  • R bookdownplus 教程(英文). 赵鹏。 2017。R ‘bookdownplus’ 包使用指南。(在线阅读)
  • 爸爸三定律。赵鹏。2017。育儿帖子合集。(在线阅读)



  • rarestR (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,群落生态学数据分析。rarestR
  • wibsr (docs): R 语言包,用来处理 WIBS-NEO 生物气溶胶观测数据。
  • et (docs): R 语言包,包含了一个动力学模型,用来评估微气象学梯度法测量大气中活性物种通量。
  • ncovr (docsGitHub): R 语言包,用来获取 COVID-19 新冠肺炎疫情数据并进行处理。
  • eddyr (docs): R 语言包,涡度相关法测得的通量数据的后期处理。
  • advr (docsGitHub): R 语言包,是一个用来处理平流通量的函数集。
  • mf (docsGitHub): R 语言包,是一个生态学、微气象学常用函数集。
  • GaFiR(docs): R 语言包,用于湍流通量数据的缺失值插补。
  • MSEF(docs): R 语言包,用于湍流通量数据的质量控制。
  • OutlierFlag(docsBitBucket): Java 程序包,MeteoInfo 模块,用来检查科研数据里的异常值和质量控制。


  • rosr (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,用来生成开放科学与可重复性研究的综合项目。rosr
  • biber (docs): R 语言包,用于文献计量。


  • MSG (谢益辉,赵鹏。CRAN, GitHub): R 语言包,为《现代统计图形》一书服务。MSG
  • xjtlu (docsGitHub): R 语言包,西交利物浦大学专用。
  • rchive (GitHub):R 语言包,洛阳铲,展示统计之都论坛和 R 邮件列表及统计数据。
  • sinx (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,R 语言中文社区语录火花集锦。sinx
  • blogdownplus (docs): R 语言包,blogdown 建站助手。
  • rmd (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,用来方便地安装和加载 R markdown 系列扩展包。rmd
  • steemr (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,用来获取和处理 Steem 社交网络数据。steemr
  • beginr (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,是一个帮助 R 语言初学者的 函数集。软件著作权登记号 2023SR1009230。beginr
  • bookdownplus (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,利用 R bookdown 来撰写学术期刊论文、学位论文、各种不同格式书稿。bookdownplus
  • mindr (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,用来制作思维导图,亦可用来在 markdown 文件、思维导图和 R 脚本之间相互转换。mindr
  • pinyin (docsCRANGitHub): R 语言包,将中文字符转换成拼音、五笔字型码、四角号码。pinyin


Yi Zou
29 December 2021, 9:34 AM

A lot of stuff!

Peng Zhao
29 December 2021, 9:51 AM

yep. kinda excuse to explain why I do not have many journal papers...


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