U.lab Social Learning Hub at XJTLU 2018




About u.lab

Who is using u theory and u.lab?



What is u.lab? 

A global free MOOC course, combined with off-line live sessions for awareness based innovation, initiated from MIT in the US. It introduces Theory U, a framework and methodology that individuals, teams, organisations, and even larger social systems can use to respond to disruptive change with compassion, curiosity, and courage.



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Video to learn the basics of Theory U as an approach to leading profound change


 For more: see  https://www.presencing.org/


u.lab’s partner in China is Tsinghua University, who translate MOOC into Chinese. For Wechat public account, please scan the QR code.

u.lab 全球幕课在中国的合作单位为清华大学,并开发了学堂在线同步推出中文翻译。 中文微信公众号请扫描二维码。


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Story of u.lab at XJTLU

What is XJTLU u.lab Social Innovation Hub? Share in a collaborative space of learning, dialogue and innovation with people from a variety of sectors from across Suzhou, and a global network of over 90,000 change makers. Join us to “learn how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from an emerging future”



Picture above: In Sep 2018, Dr Ellen Touchstone was sharing her story of u.lab :"it will change your life."

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More than 50 participants have attended the first meeting in 2018 and they are XJTLU students (UG, PG, domestic and international) and staff, Community social workers of Suzhou Industrial Park Moon Bay Community Working Committee, teacher from Soochow University, and other organizations. 

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In addition to networking activity, mindfulness exercise and coaching circle skills have been learnt. 




XJTLU u.lab Social Innovation Hub was started from Sep of 2017, and the initiator was Dr Beatriz Carrillogarcia, former Associate Professor at Department of China Studies. Beatriz applied for XJTLU Teaching Development Fund to run the project and the course was supported by Dr Ellen Touchstone, Dr Halis Sak and Dr Li Pan of IBSS, as well as Mr Danyal Abbasi from UMC. More than 50 students attended the u.lab in 2017 and a few have successfully obtained their certificate from Presencing Institute of MIT (in Eng) or Tsinghua University Public Management School (in Chinese). More importantly, many participants felt it was a life changing course for them. 



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Before her return to Australia, Beatriz handed it over to Dr Ying Chang of Department of Urban Planning and Design and Dr Ellen Touchstone of IBSS. However, the lab was at the risk of being suspended because of lack of coaches. Fortunately, XJTLU u.lab got connected with u.lab in Suzhou and u.lab of China, who have called experienced u.lab coaches volunteers to support u.lab at XJTLU. There were a dozen of volunteer coaches and assistants, graphic illustrator who have helped the first meeting. Many volunteer coaches have full-time job as senior human resource manager in global companies. 

We have six meetings from Sep to Dec. All the meetings are open to new comers and you are warmly welcome to join in us.