Dr Bailiang Li obtained a PhD in Geography at Texas A&M University, USA. He joined Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in 2013 and currently he is an Associate Professor at Department of Health and Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

  • Field experimentation on coastal aeolian processes


  • Wind tunnel simulation on aeolian processes


  • Wind tunnel simulation on aerosol processes

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External Grants

  • Natural Science Foundation of China, General Programme, 42076211, The growth effect of beach nourishment on aeolian sand transport, 2021-2024, RMB 580,000, Co-I.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China, General Programme, 41871005, Effect of atmospheric stability on aeolian transport, 2019-2023, RMB 600,000, PI.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China, International Joint Research Programme, 71961137006, Sustainable Urbanisation in the Context of Economic Transformation and Climate Change: Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas, 2019-2022, RMB 1,900,000 (XJTLU Share 580,000), Co-I.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China, General Programme, 41771006, Study on Creep Movement of Sand, 2018-2021, RMB 700,000 (Li Share RMB 12,000), Co-I.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China, Young Scholar Programme, 31700363, Effects of Agricultural Landscape Pattern on Pollen Insect Diversity and Its Pollination Service, 2018-2020, RMB 220,000, Co-I.
  • Natural Science Foundation of China, General Programme, 41571485, Environmental lead pollution: a new full spectrum approach to environmental risk assessment and management, 2016-2019, RMB 630,000, Co-I.
  • Jiangsu Science and Technology General Programme, Young Scholar Programme, BK20160392, Study on real-time monitoring of nitrogen dioxide based on functionalized graphene nano-sensors, 2016-2018, RMB 190,000, Co-I.
  • Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme, 16KJB61001, Study on high performance environmental sensors for formaldehyde, one typical indoor air pollutant, 2016-2018, RMB 30,000, Co-I.

Internal Grants

  • XJTLU Postgraduate Research Scholarship, Ripple formation under different atmospheric conditions, 2023-2025, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, PI.
  • XJTLU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 2022151, Effect of plant spatial distribution on atmospheric PM1 dry deposition, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 2022, RMB 5,000, Primary Supervisor.
  • XJTLU Research Development Fund, RDF-20-02-20, Research on concentration degradation of organic plastic additives absorbed on particulate particles in the atmosphere, 2021-2024, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, co-I.
  • XJTLU Postgraduate Research Scholarship, PGRS2106032, The exchange of bioaerosols between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere, 2022-2024, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, co-I.
  • XJTLU Research Development Fund, RDF-17-01-31, PM2.5 dry deposition to urban shrubs under different wind speeds, 2019-2022, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, One PhD Scholarship equivalent to RMB366, 000, PI.
  • XJTLU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 201751, A portable wind tunnel for ambient particulate matter measurement, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 2017, RMB 11,500, Primary Supervisor.
  • XJTLU RISGC Seed Grant Programme, RISGC-2017-3, Understanding land use suitability of urban agriculture in Suzhou, 2017, RMB 18,000, Co-PI.
  • XJTLU Research Development Fund, RDF-14-01-26, Morphodynamics of fence-dune systems, 2016-2020, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, RMB 47,350+1 PhD Studentship,
  • XJTLU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 201460, Dry deposition of atmospheric PM2.5 to wavy water surfaces, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 2014, RMB 10,000, Primary Supervisor.
  • XJTLU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Impacts of atmospheric PM2.5 on the behaviors of aquatic macroinvertebrates, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 2014, RMB 11,000, Co-Supervisor.

Representative Publications

  • Li B*, Yan D, He Y, Liu J., 2023 Modelling the Apparent von Kármán Parameter in Thermally and Sedimentologically Stratified Air Flows. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(3): e2022GL101662.
  • Sherman, D. J., Zhang, P., Pelletier, J., Ellis, J., Farrell, E., Li, B.*, 2022, Barchan slipface grainflows: characteristics and kinematics. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(15), e2021GL095257.
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  • Zhang, P., Sherman, D., J, Li, B.*, 2021, Aeolian Creep Transport: A Review. Aeolian Research, 51,100711.
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Other Publications

  • He, Y., Liu, J., Cai, F., Li, B., Qi, H., Zhao, S., 2022, Aeolian sand transport influenced by tide and beachface morphology. Geomorphology, 396, 107987.
  • He, Y., Cai, F., Liu, J., Qi, H., Li, B., Zhao, S., Liu, G., Chen, X., 2022, Foredune height variations along the western coast of Taiwan Strait. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 47(11), 2765–2778.
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Research Group

  • PhD students
    • Bokun Sun
    • Lukas Meldau
  • Final Year students
    • Yifan Zhang
  • Other students
    • Zeheng He
    • Ziyang Wang
    • Qianhua Sun
  • Previous students
    • Qingqian Ning (PhD, 2021)
    • Zhengping Shu (BS, 2016)
    • Shanzheng Zhang (BS, 2017)
    • Chunyu Chen (BS, 2018)
    • Yanran Zhao (BS, 2018)
    • Jiarui Liu (BS, 2019)
    • Jieyu Ma (BS, 2019)
    • Jungsup Kim (BS, 2021)
    • Dongyue Yan (BS, 2022)
    • Weiguang Liu (BS, 2022)
    • Jiayue Huang (BS, 2022)
    • Siran Deng (BS, 2023)
    • Wenxuan Le (BS, 2023)

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